Bizovac spa swimming pool complex reopens after renovation

ZAGREB, 28.6.2017.

The Aquapolis, the largest swimming pool complex in eastern Croatia, reopened in the Bizovacke Toplice spa on Wednesday after renovation.

The Aquapolis comprises 11 swimming pools, including two used by the spa sanatorium for rehabilitation purposes, seven indoor pools with various water attractions, and two outdoor pools, one of them with waves.

The Suncane Toplice company invested 2 million kuna in the renovation, and has begun the renovation of the Termi hotel as part of the spa resort. The company's CEO Stjepko Bulic said that the hotel renovation would cost about 25 million kuna, and an additional 20 million would be invested in new attractions and swimming pools.

The spa is located in Bizovac, about halfway between Nasice and Osijek in eastern Croatia. 

(1 euro = 7.4 kuna)