First conference on diaspora tourism opens in Zadar

ZAGREB, 30.6.2017.

The first international conference on diaspora tourism and its national and global prospects opened in the coastal city of Zadar on Friday.

The three-day event brought together researchers and tourism experts from Croatia and abroad to exchange views and start closer cooperation in developing diaspora tourism.

Croatia has recognised benefits of diaspora tourism for its economy and the possibility of improving the relationship between Croats living abroad and Croatia, the conference was told.

The chairman of the organising committee, Marin Sopta, cited examples of several successful families of Croatian descent who have invested their capital and knowledge in the country of their ancestors.

The state secretary of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad, Zvonko Milas, said that there were a lot of examples of good practice in tourism involving Croatian emigrants and returnees, stressing the importance of strengthening ties between the Croats in Croatia and abroad.

"Croatian emigrants are best aware of Croatian diversity, authenticity and richness, as well as global tourism trends. They are a permanent link between Croatian culture and contemporary global standards. Their contribution to the ongoing improvement of Croatian tourist services, which make Croatia the most popular destination in Europe, is invaluable," Milas said.

Renata Tomljenovic of the Institute for Tourism said that Croatian emigrants were welcome in Croatia as investors, especially in tourism as a highly promising economic sector.

Frano Matusic, state secretary at the Ministry of Tourism, said that through various laws, such as the Strategic Investment Act, the government would speed up the implementation of business and investment projects. (Hina)