Croatia among 10 fastest growing markets for German tourism

ZAGREB, 24.5.2017.

Croatian tourists were among the ten fastest growing markets for Germany, recording a 14.6% increase in nights in 2016, and 42% of them went to Germany on vacation, spending 66 euros a day on average, the German tourism organisation GNBT told reporters in Zagreb.

Croatian tourists generated four nights on average in Germany or a total of 42,000 in 2016, said Tijana Djuricic of GNBT's Belgrade office, which covers Croatia.

Croatian tourists no longer travel to Germany mainly to visit relatives and those who do make up 27% of them, Djuricic said, adding that 42% travel to Germany on vacation and 31% on business.

Fifty-one percent of the Croatian tourists are aged 35-54, followed by those aged 15-34, she said, adding that 61% of them travelled by car and much less by plane, bus or train.

She said Croats were the first in the region in online bookings and that they travelled most to Bavaria, followed by Baden-Wuettemberg and Hesse.

The spokesman of the Germany Embassy to Croatia, Bruno Boban, told the same press conference that Germany nurtured and promoted the importance of diversity and that it was an excellent example of how to be friends with countries with which it had been enemies in the past and of how to cooperate on projects in international institutions.