Croatia recognises importance of sustainable tourism - workshop

ZAGREB, 24.4.2017.

Croatia recognises the importance of sustainable tourism and it attaches special attention to it, State Secretary for Tourism Frano Matusic said at the opening of a workshop called "The Present and the Future of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism" in Zagreb on Monday.

The workshop, organised by the Tourism Ministry on the occasion of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017, is held in Zagreb on April 24 and 25. The event brought together more than 130 participants from about a dozen countries, including those from the Adriatic-Ionian region (Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Serbia).

Croatia is a tourism-oriented country and preserved environment is one of its main comparative advantages as, given the number of protected areas, Croatia represent a sort of a European park, Matusic said.

Last year the tourism ministry allocated a total of HRK 5.8 in grants to promote sustainable tourism and natural heritage.